gunjan aylawadi


Intricate weavings. Made from paper. PAPER! This is the incredible work of India-born, Australia-based artist Gunjan Aylawadi. Here is part of her very poetic artist statement:

Through her unique and intricate, paper tapestry technique, she explores the intersection between craft traditions, sensory pleasures she experienced growing up and the new culture she finds herself in now. Crafting thoughtful mosaics out of personal reflections, she creates works with simple materials and processes that are as important as the end result – illustrating the quiet power of slowing down and a thoughtful absorption of our environments.

The patience she must have… I cannot even begin to imagine.

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  1. sandra sorensen /// 03.25.2016 /// 3:53am

    so beautifully amazing. the process of applying and “building” the beautiful works are simply mesmerizing. they must be really powerful to actually see “in the flesh”. thank-you for the view.

  2. Anne McKenzie /// 03.25.2016 /// 10:29am

    Always interesting to see a different artistic craft. Beautiful work and thank you for sharing

  3. Linda Adamson /// 03.25.2016 /// 5:16pm

    Absolutely stunning and so creative!Thanks for sharing.

  4. Desiree Slauerhoff /// 03.26.2016 /// 5:33am

    We have showed an other work of her at CODA Paper Art 2015. It was amazing. 60.000 people
    have admired her work here in the Netherlands.
    I have met her here and she told me it has taken a lot of time to make a large work as she showed here in Apeldoorn. Wonderfull.

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