“discipline … and a bit of chance”


Found bits and pieces of wonderfulness. Today I’m talking to New York based artist/illustrator Andrea D’Aquino. She is just as lovely as her work, and almost as carefree. She talked about being disciplined in the studio {ie., getting in there and doing the work}, but she also talked a lot about happy accidents and chance. I loved this conversation and I hope you do too. Listen on the little player right up there, or subscribe on iTunes

First up, the original piece that she created for my book, Collage. Clearly she was drawn to the mustache in the starting image I gave all 30 of the artists… or the death of it:


So fun, as is all of her work! Fun and quirky and odd and wonderful… perfectly imperfect you might say. Here are a few of my favorites … oh, and when she said she’s been drawn to color since she was little, well, I was not surprised. Take a look:


Oooh, I love all of those random bits and pieces. I really do want to go for a walk around New York with her and see what we find on the street to add to a collage!

You might remember this from a few months ago. I wrote about this beautiful book, a gorgeous version of Alice in Wonderland that was illustrated by Andrea, and published by Quarto. It’s absolutely wonderful, and I love that she was able to put her stamp, or style you might say, on a classic {tough task, but Andrea nailed it}:


Sigh. The end. Well, almost… Andrea sent me a few photos of her studio! UHU stick, kinda color-coordinated piles of found stuff, and a sneak peek at the cover of her new collage book, “Once Upon A Piece of Paper”, {due out this fall}:


Ok, now it’s the end. Thanks to Andrea for doing this, thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode {and generously giving away two VIP tickets to the Affordable Art Fair in NYC next week… enter here because I’m drawing the winner at noon on Saturday March 26th}, and of course thanks to you for listening. There will be more art for your ear next week.

Other links:

  1. Quarto {Publisher of Andrea’s books}
  2. Stefan Sagmeister


comments (19)

  1. Jen /// 03.25.2016 /// 11:54pm

    Just loved this episode, and thank you for reminding me of Andrea’s work, which I think is wonderful. I am feeling so inspired after looking through her portfolio!

  2. Maria /// 03.26.2016 /// 8:14am

    This is my favorite interview yet. Andrea is so wise and honest. And her work!!!! Brilliant.

  3. Jane /// 03.26.2016 /// 8:49am

    Scrape me off the ceiling ! Andrea is so inspiring !
    Am out the door momentarily, to my local book store for her illustrations in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland .
    Thanks Danielle. I will be happily pre-ordering both new books coming this fall !
    P.S. your collage workshop last weekend at Van.Is.School of Art was so very fun…inspiring. ..and so great to put into practice this week. Thank you again !!

  4. the jealous curator /// 03.27.2016 /// 9:40am

    it was so nice to meet you in victoria, jane! and sooooo happy you like the workshop. you guys inspired me, so i’m headed into the studio today to follow some of my own rules 😉

  5. Candace Grace /// 03.26.2016 /// 9:23am

    I agree with the previous comments, Andrea is an inspiration! Her work has such a magical quality to it, thank you for sharing!

  6. Teresa Cox /// 03.26.2016 /// 1:21pm

    Great interview! I appreciated Andrea’s way of thinking about her day to day art practice and how refreshing to hear her share practical thoughts about living a creative life. Thank you!

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  8. Julie /// 03.26.2016 /// 11:55pm

    Loved it!! and Andreas sweetness and honesty!!
    Can I please join you on the garbage walk?! 🙂

  9. the jealous curator /// 03.27.2016 /// 8:46am

    ha! deal ; )

  10. Kara Kramer /// 03.28.2016 /// 8:20am

    LOVE!!! Especially the bit about treasure paper piles. While listening I was having me too moments also. I often find scrap keepers sweeping up the studio floor!

  11. marc cardwell /// 03.29.2016 /// 6:46am

    another great interview and cool work. 2 thumbs up!

  12. Heidi Lanino Bilezikian /// 03.29.2016 /// 7:06am

    Loved Andreas interview and work, so glad to have found this podcast, thank you!

  13. kelly witmer /// 03.29.2016 /// 10:33am

    Damn you, Jealous Curator!! Too much inspiration to bear!!! Andrea is truly amazing – I’m ordering the book.

  14. the jealous curator /// 03.29.2016 /// 10:50am

    yay! you’re going to LOVE it.

  15. Michael Joyal /// 04.01.2016 /// 8:53am

    Once again, thank you for another inspiring art for my ear. It keeps me on track to show up every tiny minute I can in my bedroom studio to make art.

  16. the jealous curator /// 04.01.2016 /// 9:48am

    yay!!! i love that : )

  17. Amy Torgeson /// 04.06.2016 /// 10:00am

    Loved this interview with Andrea. I especially liked hearing about the time it took (and she took) to find her style and personality. Good reminder that we don’t have to know it right away and through play and sitting down to do the work we will find it in time. Thanks for a great interview! Now on to listen to Nike.

  18. Kylie Harvey /// 06.27.2016 /// 11:18pm

    Really great chat to listen to Danielle and Andrea. Love the cover of the book in the last pic too! Aussie English by John O’Grady, a real childhood memory of sneaking a read of it when I was a kid!

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