dolly faibyshev


Ok, that’s it… I’m packing a bag {sunglasses, sunhat, sunscreen} and heading to the desert! These gorgeous photographs are from a series titled, you guessed it, “Palm Springs” and they’re the work of New York based photographer Dolly Faibyshev. Here’s a snippet from her bio:

 “American born to Russian immigrants, the vicarious fantasy of America became ingrained in me from an early age. I experienced the relationship of my family to their adopted homeland until I learned to define those experiences in pictures. I am a New York based self-taught photographer exploring the meaning of the American dream in all of its forms.”

American dream in all its forms… ie., cactus mailbox 

{Several of these pieces are available on Uprise Art}

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  1. Ricardo Macedo /// 04.26.2016 /// 11:36am

    The colors and architetonic shapes reminds me the works of Ana Pais Oliveira (but in different medium):
    Don’t you think?

  2. Nine Photography /// 04.30.2016 /// 8:53am

    LOVE this work so much!