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Lol’s meet beautifully painted classics. Yes. These are paintings! Everything – from the lace collars, to the romantic landscapes – and then of course there’s the perfect lettering… I rly cant even. This is a sneak peek of the latest work from American painter Shawn Huckins. I wrote about him yearrrrrrs ago, but with this amazing new show, titled “Everything is Hilarious and Nothing is Real”, about to open on May 5th at Modernism Inc in San Francisco, clearly I had to write again. If you want to see the full reveal of these big, perfect beauties up close and personal, you really should. The show runs from May 5 to June 25, 2016 and the opening reception is May 5th from 5:30- 8pm.

Good luck, Shawn! L8R


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  1. Ricardo Macedo /// 04.27.2016 /// 8:27am

    Another cool project related is Fly Art Productions:
    Hip Hop lyrics on art!

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.27.2016 /// 9:30am

    oh yeah those are cool… but shawn actually painted these! the painting underneath AND the letters. so good.

  3. Ricardo Macedo /// 04.27.2016 /// 11:08am

    Yeah buuut you can have a shirt from Fly Art! Check this out:

  4. the jealous curator /// 04.27.2016 /// 12:55pm


  5. Leah /// 04.27.2016 /// 4:38pm

    what amazing work. so beautiful and also hilarious! love them.

  6. Jim Hill /// 04.28.2016 /// 7:04am

    Amazing! N-, R-all-!

  7. Patrick Ihrner /// 04.29.2016 /// 1:05am

    Haha, these are really funny!

  8. Amy Tingle /// 04.30.2016 /// 4:05am

    As the mother of teenagers, these make me laugh and make me think. Maybe parenting them at this age would be easier going forward if I adopt this new slogan: Evrything is hilarious n nthing is real. I’m gonna try it! 😉

  9. Karen robey /// 05.17.2016 /// 7:56pm

    The BOMB!!

    Whimsically Stunning!

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