“big mouths, ukuleles… but no chins”


I’m starting to sound like a broken record… today I’m talking to an artist that I’ve loved for ages, have done several projects with, but you guessed it, we’ve never actually spoken. I was so excited to speak to New Hampshire based artist Aris Moore. She’s an amazing artist, a recent MFA grad, a full-time middle school art teacher, and a single mother with twins – phewf. I was so excited, in fact, that I forgot to hit record. Episode 49 and I forget to hit record? Sigh. Anyway, we made a full recovery and also became BFFs in the process. You can listen right up there under the lovely lady in the red blouse, or you can subscribe on iTunes. Now, I always like to start these posts with a few of my favorites. Aris’ sad/beautiful portraits are on that list:


I love them. So strange. So beautiful, and yes… not a chin in sight. Next, this is some of her older work. These were the pieces I discovered and wrote about way back in 2009. And that bunny block at the top? Yes, that’s the original piece she sent to me, again, in late 2009. It was a major highlight in the first year of being ‘the jealous curator’:


That bag full of little people is heartbreaking, and I can’t help feeling that it’s my fault. Someone left a very harsh comment on one of my posts about Aris’ work back then, and it really hurt her… to the point where she just wanted to gather up all of her little characters, throw them in a bag, and toss them out. See? Heartbreaking. Well, she didn’t throw them out, but she definitely evolved them. Yet another reason to admire this fabulous artist {because, remember from last week’s episode… “no one can wrestle the pencil out of your hand, you get to keep going in absolute defiance”}. And that’s what Aris did.

This is the collage Aris made for my book, Collage. She used the accordion from the starting image I gave all 30 of the artists, and before you knew it “Joan With Her Castle” was born:


I love that piece so much…. almost as much as Aris loves drawing mouths:


She wasn’t kidding! Ooh, next… I love this series so much. Same photograph, oh so many different faces:


This is what Aris does best as far as I’m concerned. Such emotion-filled, personality-exposing expressions.

Ah, I love this next project too. This is also some of her older work, but she had a little help with these ones. Her daughter August, who was 4 at the time, decided to add some hair to these otherwise hairless ladies:


Beautiful job, August! A fantastic collaboration.

So, I usually like to include photos of the artist’s studio space, and I absolutely love that Aris’ studio is basically wherever her fancy bag of pencils happens to be. Bookshops, cafes, her living room… her studio is the world:


How fabulous is that!? Granted, it wouldn’t work as well if she was an oil painter, but it certainly works for her! One of the things she’s been doing “in her studio” lately are these flip books. I love what she talked about re: always having a starting place/never having to look at a completely blank page. Brilliant. I’m going to try this:


Sigh. So fun. So weird… and let’s be honest, if Aris and I lived in the same town we’d be fun, weird friends in a heartbeat! This is how I felt through the whole episode:


A brand new soul sister  ♥  Thank you so much to Aris for doing this with me {I’m glad I actually recorded some of it!}, thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode, and great BIG thanks to you for listening. If you happen to be over on iTunes, I’d be so grateful for a rating or a review – it helps keep the podcast near the top of the art section, and who doesn’t want to be near the top of the art section!? Ok, there will be more art for your ear next weekend… EPISODE 50 to be exact!

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comments (9)

  1. Lynn Hanson /// 05.07.2016 /// 6:39am

    oh Aris, your drawings make me swoon. Danielle, you are a treat in my inbox, thank you deeply for all you do.

  2. Julie /// 05.08.2016 /// 1:27am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Aris and her work!! and I SO relate to the part about going into my own lone drawing bubble… such a good place to be! x

  3. Gretchen /// 05.09.2016 /// 5:53am

    Wow, I loved this interview and seeing Aris’ work so much. I particularly loved hearing all about the 1/2 page sketchbooks and the numerous combinations–genius!!! I’m definitely going to make some with my kids. Aris–thank you–I think I’ve been taking drawing for granted and you’ve inspired me to make drawing a part of daily practice.

  4. Lisa Marie /// 05.10.2016 /// 1:06pm

    Aris LOVE your unique-ness & listening to your journey! And Danielle the artists you choose and your interviews lighten my soul! Thank You!

  5. the jealous curator /// 05.11.2016 /// 6:52am

    thank you lisa marie! : )

  6. Uncle Beefy /// 05.11.2016 /// 10:09am

    Well, Danielle, you did it again… me, you, Aris… driving down the road together… and you two have me talking out loud – by myself like some lunatic – because I keep feeling like we’re three pals chatting over coffee/drinks! How do you do this?! (My therapist probably could use the insight.) Aaaaannnyhoozles… LOVED this podcast! Love Aris’ work! And the flip sketchbook is GENIUS! Thanks for the continuing inspiration. xx UB

  7. the jealous curator /// 05.11.2016 /// 2:04pm

    haha! i love that… and can totally picture it actually ; ) xo

  8. Elissa S Nesheim /// 05.19.2016 /// 12:26pm

    i love these people. love them. their expressions and awkwardness- i could totally see them animated too, but im so excited for her graphic novel. maybe it comes in a soft sided notebook so it feels like you picked up someones secret story. <3 so fun.

  9. Meredith /// 05.21.2016 /// 7:26pm

    Well if Aris if you are reading now – please know I love your work, love your characters…the akward faces that just work and can’t wait to see what is next…. Thanks JC for making we aware of Aris’ work. :o)

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