maude white


Hand. Cut. Paper. Mic drop.

This is the insanely meticulous work of American artist Maude White... I am completely in awe. Yep, she’s giving Mother Nature a run for her money with the delicate detail in these lovely white blooms. Sigh. So good.

{Some of Maude’s work is currently showing in “Bloom”, at Walker Contemporary in Vermont}

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  1. Julie /// 05.09.2016 /// 3:42am

    Wow. I wonder how long each one takes.

  2. leigh hannan /// 05.09.2016 /// 4:07am

    I would love to see a time lapse video of one being cut out!

  3. Rose Lemonade /// 05.09.2016 /// 10:07pm

    They’re so hypnotically beautiful.

  4. Cecile /// 05.10.2016 /// 7:42am

    Grrrr…. jealous of her coordination and eyesight…

  5. Heidi Miller Lowell /// 05.10.2016 /// 12:30pm

    Wow! That must have taken so much time and patience.

  6. Heidi Miller Lowell /// 05.10.2016 /// 12:30pm

    OoooooOoooOooh. That must have taken a good bit of time to do.

  7. Tristesse Seeliger /// 05.10.2016 /// 3:25pm


  8. Robin Zane /// 05.14.2016 /// 5:29am

    These flowers are exquisite.
    What’s the best way to display them on a wall?

  9. the jealous curator /// 05.14.2016 /// 6:53am

    i’m assuming she frames them in shadow boxes, but not totally sure (pop over to her site and ask!) : )

  10. marc cardwell /// 05.23.2016 /// 6:28am

    it seems like tearing would be a problem, i wonder if the cutting tool is a plain old #11 xacto or one of those smaller swivel-blade things.