“lola, don’t be precious”


VICTORY! It took until episode 50 but I finally convinced peer pressured Irish artist Lola Donoghue into doing the podcast! She was a tough nut to crack, but I eventually wore her down. I so badly wanted to have her on for three reasons… 1. I love her work   2. She is one of the coolest/sweetest people I’ve ever met   3. Her story is ridiculously inspiring. Oh, and 4. Best. Accent. Ever. You can listen right up there, or you can subscribe on iTunes. Here are a few of Lola’s gorgeous abstract paintings to get us started:


Sigh. Beautiful. Her mark making is so free, and don’t even get me started on her color palette.

I made sure to bring up her home studio, mainly so I could show as many photos as possible of her gorgeous space. Canvases stacked everywhere, and a view of the Irish countryside:


Oh my goodness. I want to spend an afternoon {or a month} in there! Next up, Lola talked about what a difference this made for her sales. She resisted doing this but thought she’d give it a try… she decided to show her work in room settings so people could understand the scale, and how her work might look in their home. It worked. A lot!


So smart {she has these for sale as prints on her site, and I have quite a few in my online gallery as well… and if you want an original you have to move fast! They sell before she even finishes them sometimes. Visit her site and sign up for her newsletter to be kept up to date on available originals}. And finally, the speed round… always delivering an interesting gem or two… who just bought four of Lola’s paintings? Yep, Sia:


Um yeah, I can see why they might have a fondness for each other. Perhaps one of Lola’s paintings will end up in the background of Sia’s next music video… you never know!

Thank you so, so much to Lola. When I say she didn’t want to do this, I mean she REALLY didn’t want to do this. Well, she had absolutely no reason to be nervous, in fact, I think we should all celebrate with some cider and cheese! Thanks also to Saatchi Art for supporting the episode, and of course, thanks to you for listening. There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

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comments (21)

  1. Saffron /// 05.14.2016 /// 4:18pm

    It’s so great to hear two amazing women sharing their artist journey. Thanks for sharing your worlds and your artistic journey. Lola Donoghue your work is beautiful beyond words. I’m so pleased that you are so successful. Hugs from Australia.

  2. Holly /// 05.14.2016 /// 7:35pm

    Lola I just listened to this & you are so inspiring. Danielle thanks for working so hard to share this interview with us! I am also an abstract painter. I recently discovered that if I paint over my favourite section, the outcome will still be positive & I will find a new mark to love. Enjoy every minute with your daughter my dear.

  3. Michael Joyal /// 05.14.2016 /// 8:23pm

    One of the best parts of art college was learning to lose the sense of preciousness in my art. Thank you once again Danielle for an inspiring art for your ears. Lola, your accent is the best! I think the trees I just painted while listening have a leprechaun hiding inside.

  4. Julie /// 05.15.2016 /// 1:15am

    I cant get enough of your podcasts… maybe twice a week?!
    Lovely interview and love Lola’s work. And… ahem, cheese is a perfectly good answer! 🙂

  5. eleanor /// 05.15.2016 /// 8:56am

    That was AWESOME!!! twas a great listen 🙂 xx

  6. Karen robey /// 05.15.2016 /// 2:35pm

    Xcellent work!!! Very fresh, yet bold and beautiful! Danielle is right, your voice is also beautiful.

    Thank you both for another wonderful “Art for your Ear” episode.

  7. Amber /// 05.15.2016 /// 6:19pm

    Thank you Lola for sharing your story! It was lovely and inspiring.

  8. Rachel´s Puzzle Things /// 05.15.2016 /// 10:22pm

    Lovely work and studio.

  9. Jamie /// 05.16.2016 /// 6:09pm

    Thank you so much for this! I listen every week but I there are times I feel so much hope and “you can do it” coming from all these artists you interview.

  10. the jealous curator /// 05.16.2016 /// 6:47pm

    yay! (that’s what i was hoping for when i started this whole thing) ; )

  11. tina berning | Online Art News /// 05.17.2016 /// 12:45pm

    […] erik jones “lola, don’t be precious” […]

  12. Jean Anne maynard /// 05.17.2016 /// 5:22pm

    Thank you for sharing your story! I think we may be long lost sisters. I am a mother of three and an art teacher ( going on 9 years) my dream is is paint full time. You are such an inspiration and your work is beautiful. Jean Anne Maynard

  13. emma mcdowall | Online Art News /// 05.17.2016 /// 6:40pm

    […] “lola, don’t be precious” alejandra atarés […]

  14. danielle b ashton /// 05.17.2016 /// 9:07pm

    I have resisted listening to the podcasts for the past few months and I can blame that on my jealousy. Perhaps a better word would be insecurities. I’m afraid I’m going to listen and become discouraged by everyones successes and wallow in self-pity. Well the silence was broken this week and I binged on 8 episodes in 2 days. What was I thinking??? Self-pity? Jealousy?? I never! These stories are eclectic, genuine, inspiring, adorable and a testament that life can be lived a million ways. Thank you Danielle for bringing to light the daily lives and intricacies of all these artists, including yourself.
    May the binging continue!!!

  15. the jealous curator /// 05.17.2016 /// 10:37pm

    YAY!!! oh, i’m so glad you finally listened danielle xo

  16. Susanna /// 05.18.2016 /// 5:29am

    What a great interview! Beautiful paintings, beautiful story! Thank you!

  17. Fiona /// 05.19.2016 /// 2:45pm

    So humble and talented. Made me get my butt in gear with the photography. So important.

  18. Jo /// 05.23.2016 /// 6:13pm

    Oh my – – so incredibly inspired by so many things you and Lola said. I teared up several times realizing there are so many artists (on hold) who get to a place where they feel “it’s now or never…” and make a jump. Thank you thank you. I’m one of her biggest fans… now one of yours.xo

  19. the jealous curator /// 05.23.2016 /// 9:05pm

    thanks jo xo

  20. Heidi Lanino Bilezikian /// 05.30.2016 /// 7:21am

    Thank you so much this was such a incredible interview so inspiring and generous! You both are lovely and so talented.

  21. Patricia /// 08.19.2016 /// 11:37am

    I am so glad I listened to this podcast. I can relate with Lola with regards of teaching and art making. I to left art for several years to teach and have returned to it. However, I am still teaching and working on my art. It is a challenge to balance both careers. However, this interview made me realize that I am not alone and felt inspired. Thank you both for the interview.

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