tina berning


Oh. Tina Berning. I wrote about this fabulous Berlin based artist years ago… um, why haven’t I written again!? Well, I am fixing that right now. She creates beautiful illustrations for magazines etc, but her “diary” is what I can’t get enough of. It is filled, and I mean FILLED, with so many beautiful things. Found paper, inky lines, lovely women, strange groups of people that I want to know more about… and I just noticed a bit of embroidery! Sigh. So beautiful. Happy Friday.

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  1. Megan Carty /// 05.13.2016 /// 11:33am

    Something about this work has just made a “dam break” in my head. In a good way. I see work like this and wonder how I can get my own work that’s inside of me to come out. There’s this push/pull I’ve been fighting for years when it comes to making commercial work versus work that I simply feel called to make. It’s an aching longing I don’t know how to heal…anyway, I love these pieces of her diary…so raw and expressive.

  2. Carla /// 05.13.2016 /// 11:39am

    Beautiful work! The strength of her lines … She knows how to put down the marks that are needed, and only those.

  3. Debbie /// 05.16.2016 /// 7:53pm

    Love her work. It is amazing how much life she can create with a few strokes of the brush.

  4. Virginia Romo /// 05.17.2016 /// 1:23am

    Oh, she is my number one. Or two? But at the very top anyway. I had the privilege to listen to one of her talks here in Stuttgart (went there without knowing who was going to be the speaker, what a nice surprise!). And then even have the joy to chat with her at dinner afterwards. She is, besides of her talent, a nice and generous person.

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