marcus james


Colored pencil on paper. Yes. Amazingly beautiful landscapes drawn by UK based artist Marcus James. The colors, the mark making… absolutely stunning. Oh, and just to add to that… the scale! I had to include those last two photos so you could see these pieces in all of their splendor. Ah, nature.

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  1. Gabrielle Burger /// 07.13.2016 /// 12:22pm

    these are great! i love the colors and the texture almost looks like embroidery! very cool

  2. Orka /// 07.14.2016 /// 9:53am

    I loved these ! The colors and contrasts create such a beautiful atmosphere ! And, yes, I also thought at first that it is embroidery on paper.

  3. Jay /// 07.18.2016 /// 6:17pm

    When I first saw this I thought it was embroidery, too! The colours are lovely. And the scale! These would be amazing to see in person! Stunning work!

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