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Lonely, pastel places … all of which look like perfect locations for Wes Anderson to shoot a fabulous tennis, and or basketball, film! This is the work of New York based photographer Ward Roberts. How does he find all of these ice cream colored courts? And will he take me with him? *All of these courts are in Hong Kong, except one that’s in New York. Any guesses?

{Some of his work is available via Uprise Art}

comments (6)

  1. Emittra /// 07.26.2016 /// 9:42am

    These would indeed be perfect for a Wes Anderson film! Thank you for sharing!

  2. gemma gene /// 07.26.2016 /// 11:04am

    These are so gorgeous!! The 1st one and 3rd are specially amazing

  3. Charlotte Spafford /// 07.26.2016 /// 7:17pm

    Oh. Em. Gee. I can’t even handle how much I love these colours! Truly lovely, and stunning compositions as well.

  4. lux /// 07.28.2016 /// 6:54am

    very Nguan-ish. https://www.instagram.com/_nguan_/?hl=en

  5. Tristesse Seeliger /// 07.30.2016 /// 2:03pm

    This reminds me of Scott Sueme’s work – these two artists should have a show together no?

  6. the jealous curator /// 07.30.2016 /// 2:24pm

    yes!!! i just wrote about him actually, but just his work from 2016! how did i miss these?!

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