marta spendowska


Gasp!  These are the washy, ethereal, absolutely stunning paintings of Polish-born, US based artist Marta Spendowska. Butterfly wings? Flower petals? An inky dream? Sigh. I’ve written about Marta before, and I’ll do it again because her portfolio is full of nature-inspired treasures. Abstract seas, dreamy botanicals, and what I like to imagine are the frothy remains of waves on the beach. Gorgeous.

{Marta’s work is available on her site – originals and prints. She also does commissions… just sayin’}

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  1. Sabine S. from Germany /// 09.15.2016 /// 6:11am

    Soooo beautiful art.

    many ♡ ly greetings sent by
    Sabine from WO(rms) in Germany

  2. Beth McBride /// 09.15.2016 /// 6:30am

    Reallu lovely. Does anyone know what sort of surfaces she’s working on? Some of the pieces on her site (the frothy ones : )) look like encaustic.

  3. the jealous curator /// 09.15.2016 /// 7:31am

    Beth – on her site the description is: Mixed media (with 24k gold leaf) on 1.5″ cradled panel. Marta, if you read this let us know!

  4. simone /// 09.15.2016 /// 6:50am

    It took my breath away….

  5. Cecile Vidican /// 09.15.2016 /// 7:49am

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Michael Joyal /// 09.15.2016 /// 8:06am

    Gah!! Raising the bar for the rest of us artists!! Gorgeous work Marta!

  7. Melissa /// 09.15.2016 /// 8:25am

    Gorgeous! I would live to hear her talk about her process.

  8. Maggie /// 09.15.2016 /// 9:12am

    I love her paintings. Been following her for a while now and everything she does is magical!

  9. Betty Hatchett /// 09.15.2016 /// 2:12pm

    oh!! I love Marta’s work so much…She makes sublime look effortless.

  10. Nikke /// 09.17.2016 /// 9:19am

    pretty colors like layers of flowing silk. pretty.

  11. maria /// 09.17.2016 /// 10:38am

    Marta’s work always makes you look, doesn’t it 🙂

  12. David /// 09.17.2016 /// 5:23pm

    The corves and hidden valleys of a woman’s body, a mystery to
    be solved, David.

  13. Olivier /// 09.19.2016 /// 1:39am

    In a certain way, this work reminds me Danielle Stabel’s paintings ( ;, a germain painter settled in Holland.

  14. Kathryn Wright /// 01.10.2017 /// 8:13am

    What an incredible artwork. The colors are amazing, and I love how we can decide for ourselves what each painting is, like: for me, some resembles flowers and fluid dresses, but for you it can be something completely different. Love it!

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