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Oh, be still my collage-loving heart! “Greetings” is a 5’x5′ collage by Italian artist Caterina Rossato. She gathered hundreds of old postcards, organized them into categories {mountains, water, buildings etc} and with a great deal of patience, and a whole lot of cutting, she created this! One beautiful, big, dreamlike landscape that I want to travel around in for at least three months… maybe I could even hit the slopes with that little guy in the red sweater 

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  1. Beth McBride /// 09.16.2016 /// 6:23am

    Wow! I love knowing that this is made up of old postcards. I could look at this for a looong time.

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.16.2016 /// 7:46am

    me too!

  3. Michael Joyal /// 09.16.2016 /// 8:14am

    5 X 5 FEET!!! Wow! That is dedication. Amazing work. The sheer scale is astounding. Bravo! I love the little dude in the red sweater. Maybe it’s a hockey sweater?

  4. Liz Zanca /// 09.16.2016 /// 9:09am

    This is amazing! How in the world do they come up with these brillant ideas!? Beautiful work!

  5. Trish O'Sullivan /// 09.17.2016 /// 2:39am

    These Are Absolutely ‘Amazing’ Pieces Of Art …
    initially When, I First ‘Looked’ At You Artwork, I Thought They Were ‘Paintings’ …
    The ‘Intricacy’ Of Your Work Is Well … ‘WOW’ Just Doesn’t ‘Cover’ It …
    Superb Representations, Of ‘Classic’ Beautifull Scenery …
    Trish O’Sullivan x

  6. Nikke /// 09.17.2016 /// 9:10am

    What a great morning here with my cup of coffee(i now wish was a cappuccino) and clicking through all this beauuuuutiful ITALIA art, mountains, architecture in dreamy scenery! GRAZIE!

  7. Alison Keenan /// 09.17.2016 /// 6:35pm

    Beautiful work Caterina!

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