james maxwell


Whoa, whoa, whoa… wait. I thought these were perfect key line drawings. They are… except that instead of pencil lines, they’re iron rods. Perfect iron rods welded into line drawings! This is the work of Toronto based artist, designer, and teacher James Maxwell. If you’d like to see these beauties in person, James has a show on now through the end of September at the Elaine Fleck Gallery {1351 Queen St. West,  Toronto}. Metal?!

comments (4)

  1. Michael Joyal /// 09.26.2016 /// 7:28am

    WOW! The skill to get this perfection is off the charts. They remind me of technical drawings. Just wow.

  2. patrice /// 09.26.2016 /// 3:52pm

    These photos are sublime. The actual work – even more so.

  3. idea_mill /// 09.27.2016 /// 5:40am

    I too saw these and was completely blown away by their artistry and construction. So imaginative and perfectly executed. I don’t know how he does it!

  4. Fer Scarlato /// 10.04.2016 /// 10:54am

    I love these! They look so perfect. I would love to see them in person and get an idea of the dimension and all the little welding details.