leah pantéa


Dreamy clouds, perfect lines, and little touch of gold here and there… sigh… this is the beautiful work {oil on paper} of San Diego based artist Leah Pantéa…. BUT, she happens to be living/working in Iceland at the moment. I can’t help but assume that this work is inspired by her time in that magical place. These are just a few pieces from her most recent series, titled “Janus”. Stunning. And I just had to get in there and show those close-ups, because, wow.

{You can reach out to Leah directly if you’re interested in purchasing her work.}

comments (4)

  1. Michael Joyal /// 09.27.2016 /// 8:45am

    It’s a dreamy mix of landscape and architecture! Great find, Danielle!

  2. Patricia Lourenco /// 09.28.2016 /// 7:17am

    Stunning work, really appreciate the use of organic and organic shapes.

  3. Patricia Lourenco /// 09.28.2016 /// 7:18am

    Oops, meant geometric and organic shapes.

  4. Jay /// 10.09.2016 /// 4:07pm

    do you ever find a piece of artwork that reflects everything you ever hoped to achieve? because everything here is like perfect? the atmosphere, the colours and the mix between dreamy and geometric.