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What’s the name of that book? You know, the one about the guy with the face? Exactly. These paintings are the hilarious work of California based artist Marina Luz. This ongoing series is titled, IF I DON’T FIND THIS BOOK I WILL DIE, or, How We Describe Books When We Can’t Remember the Title or Author. The idea for this work came to her while trying to track down one of her favorite forgotten books. She searched for “Iceberg Shows Up Overnight in Front of Hotel”, hence the final book above, “ICE was in the title” … and FYI she still hasn’t figured this one out. Any thoughts?

{via Chronicle Books’ blog}

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  1. Abbi /// 09.29.2016 /// 8:10am

    A Song of Fire And… ?

  2. Michael Joyal /// 09.29.2016 /// 9:21am

    Am I a bad person for giggling at Sad Dead Eagle?

  3. the jealous curator /// 09.29.2016 /// 12:06pm

    i think that little x on his eye forces you to giggle ; )

  4. Eloise /// 09.30.2016 /// 10:47am

    I think the book Marina Luz was looking for was the Telling of Lies by Timothy Findley. One edition had an iceberg on the cover. The plot involves a murder at a hotel in Maine, and an iceberg floats into view along the shore.

  5. DD /// 10.01.2016 /// 6:46am

    I love “Cat possibly named Henry”

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