reine paradis


Storyboards for a beautiful, and slightly insane, movie? They very well could be! This series, titled “Jungle”, is the surreal, vibrant, and beautifully composed work of LA based French artist Reine Paradis:

“Each scene is imagined and pre conceptualized before shooting in real locations. All the objects are meticulously designed and placed within the scene, along with Paradis herself as the central figure.”

Aha! I wondered how she got that lady in red to do all of those crazy things. Hm, I wonder what’s going to happen in the sequel.

comments (2)

  1. Michael Joyal /// 09.28.2016 /// 8:53am

    My mind is trying to wrap itself around the colours and scene. It’s like a city down the road from Twin Peaks. So incredibly vibrant.

  2. Fer Scarlato /// 10.04.2016 /// 11:03am

    Whaaat! The photos look so perfect with such vibrant colours, I thought at first they were oil paintings or something like that.
    It’s really good also to see in her website the process involved in the series, which shows all the work behind every scene.

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