heath kane


Well hello, pop culture explosion! First, let me begin by saying how much I love the hand-pulled screen prints of Australian-born, UK-based artist Heath Kane. Next I have to point out that these are two different series. Heath sent me a link to that hot pink, Queen Elizabeth filled series titled “Rich enough to be Batman” … maybe because my strange fascination with Liz is no secret. This collection “raises questions about wealth and social justice, through the idea that with enough money anyone can be a superhero.”  Love! However, while I was on his site, I also came across another series, titled “Masks of Fear”. Clearly, I had to show them. Donald in a luchador mask is just too good to pass up.

comments (4)

  1. Beth McBride /// 10.17.2016 /// 7:26am

    These are so great!

  2. Cecile /// 10.17.2016 /// 9:04am

    The luchador masks suits him well… These are great!

  3. Nikke /// 10.22.2016 /// 9:55am

    very FUN FUN FUN to look at these big prominent big wig faces all dolled up for halloween!

  4. Fer Scarlato /// 10.24.2016 /// 3:21pm

    The pieces are really fun, but I thing what I love most is the title “Rich enough to be Batman”!