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Not long ago, I was asked to contribute a must-see show in the US for this article. Um, that’s really hard! There are so many amazing shows all over the place… but, I decided to go with one that I would really love to experience. “Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away” by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama at the Broad Museum in LA. It had just opened last time I was in LA but I wasn’t able to go! The cool thing about this installation, other than all of the mirrors and tiny little lights that seem to go on forever, is that you go in by yourself. Yep, no gallery crowds, just you for one magical minute. Note: tickets are FREE but you need to make a separate reservation to see this exhibit.

{Images via 1. Broad Museum 2. Susan Xie 3. happyfamousartists 4. Mike Segar/ Reuters}

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  1. Rosalinda /// 10.18.2016 /// 10:55am

    LOVE her so much. I had the great fortune to see her exhibit in Phoenix “You Who Are Getting Obliterated In the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies” – it filled me with such wonder and delight.

    She has also put her signature polka dots on Philip Johnson’s Glass House which is stunning: http://theglasshouse.org/whats-on/yayoi-kusama-narcissus-garden/

    Thank you, JC!

  2. sansku /// 10.19.2016 /// 7:19am

    Love her work! Circle is my favorite shape. 🙂 Wonderful installation!

  3. Nikke /// 10.22.2016 /// 9:48am

    looks like a neat experience like floating in the starry night sky or through a swarm of buzzing bright fireflys. Needs background music of “Fireflys” by Adam Young 😉

  4. Bernice /// 10.23.2016 /// 2:54am

    Wow!! This is such a creative idea and extremely mesmerising as well!! I can’t imagine what it would be like to be alone in that room. It must stimulate unforgettable feelings!

  5. Fer Scarlato /// 10.24.2016 /// 3:32pm

    A couple of years ago I saw an exhibition of her work here in Buenos Aires, but almost no one was allowed alone in the special rooms. Maybe it was because it was the closing week and there were A LOT of people, so we had to go in groups and move along, almost like in a corridor.
    It was still magical nonetheless! It really feels like there are no floor or walls.