amanda clyne


Oh, I just got chills… beautiful, and oh so very ghostly! This is the work of Toronto based artist Amanda Clyne. She refers to this series as “erased photographs”. Amanda works with oil paint as well, but these pastel ladies have been “painted” in an entirely different way.

“It begins with a photograph. The photograph is printed on a paper to which the ink will not adhere, creating a wet, inky surface that I can move around with a brush. Painting the photograph ultimately leads to the ink’s removal, leaving only a residue of the painterly process. The stained and scarred paper is then scanned, photographing the remaining trace of the original image’s painterly obliteration.”

Gorgeous. Happy Friday.

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  1. Beth McBride /// 10.21.2016 /// 6:21am

    Wow! These are beautiful, and so unlike anything I’ve seen before. Thanks for posting

  2. Kimberly Santini /// 10.21.2016 /// 8:05am

    WOW! love these!

  3. Michael Joyal /// 10.21.2016 /// 8:48am

    I love the colours and the edges. Hauntingly beautiful!

  4. Caren /// 10.21.2016 /// 11:06am

    These are fantastic! The haunting quality is perfect for this time of year! Very interesting process!

  5. handy queen /// 10.21.2016 /// 11:58am

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  6. rusudan khizanishvili /// 10.22.2016 /// 1:49am


  7. M Gloria Hunter /// 10.24.2016 /// 7:01pm

    Stunning, delicate and haunting. Really beautiful works.

  8. Jay /// 10.24.2016 /// 7:05pm

    So subtle! Love the colours.

  9. Moza /// 10.25.2016 /// 12:35am

    Very interesting pieces, reminds me of this artwork by Alia Lootah