merve özaslan


Love. So much! I wrote about the collages of Istanbul based artist Merve Özaslan in early 2015, but I’m going to be totally honest… the second I saw those three girls in their red lip swimsuits, well, this post just started writing itself. After that, I lost track of all time and space as I jumped down a “Merve  Özaslan – Bathing Beauty” rabbit hole… and here we are!

comments (7)

  1. Marc Cardwell /// 10.20.2016 /// 5:05am

    perfect pairing of images. damn, i wish i’d thought of that!

  2. rossana taormina /// 10.20.2016 /// 7:32am

    very interesting work … love it!

  3. Caren /// 10.20.2016 /// 7:41am

    These are so lovely!

  4. Michael Joyal /// 10.20.2016 /// 8:45am

    Such amazing skill to get the collage to look so seamless.

  5. Susan Lerner /// 10.20.2016 /// 3:12pm

    One of my fav collageists around. Her work is so original and contemporary! Well done!

  6. Helen /// 10.21.2016 /// 2:39am

    Just adore them! But I can’t help being curious about copyright on the vintage photos she uses…?

  7. Nikke /// 10.22.2016 /// 9:45am

    super duper cool!!!!