anna bu kliewer


You know when you fall in love, and you feel kind of confused but excited at the same time? Yeah. That’s how I felt when I came across these bizarre / beautiful collages by Anna Bu Kliewer. Crazy chunks of flora and fauna in all sorts of strange places. Sigh… confused and excited, indeed. I may need to swing by that hilltop bar for a quick drink to calm my nerves.

{Anna is a German-Ukrainian collage artist, based in London. Some of her work can be found in her shop, and she is also represented by Breed in London.}

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  1. Michael Joyal /// 11.03.2016 /// 10:39am

    It’s like some fashion designer Lovecraft universe! Love it!

  2. Nikke /// 11.05.2016 /// 10:56am

    Creepy and Cool images. Weird sea people. I also like reading the curators comments!

  3. joanna /// 11.08.2016 /// 2:28am

    this artist reminds me of a polish collage artist named jan dziaczkowski ( he was really young when he died but he was lucky to be acknowledged during his life. very interesting and his japanese monster movies serie is done in the same style as anna’s collages.

  4. the jealous curator /// 11.08.2016 /// 6:49am

    thanks joanna – i hadn’t seen his work before (such a sad story)