per fhager


Yeah. That’s right… CROSS-STITCHED VIDEO GAMES! This is the meticulous work of Swedish artist Per Fhager. I had to include that image of Per in action so you’d believe that these are embroidered pieces, not screen-grabs. Insane. Here’s a bit more about why he does what he does:

Per´s choice of material, technique and color gives us a perfect example of how traditional crafts can receive a new expression and context in the modern world. The embroideries differs largely in texture, technique and color density, these differences are important in the process of producing the needle point works. The handmade pictures arrives from video game stills where composition, narrative and memory plays its role.

It really is kind of crazy how close a pixel is to a cross-stitch. Hm. And with that bit of amazingness, I will wish you a happy Friday. Mic drop.

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  1. simone /// 11.04.2016 /// 6:30am

    I’d love you to interview him. I’m sure the back story is just as or even more awesome.

  2. Michael Joyal /// 11.04.2016 /// 10:35am

    Q-Bert!!!Want to see Q-Bert!

    Or Zaxxon.

    Showing my age here.

  3. Nikke /// 11.05.2016 /// 10:54am

    So Cool! Stitches vs Pixels! Love it! My teens love it too!

  4. Carolyn /// 11.06.2016 /// 5:32am

    Amazing! I am utterly stunned.

  5. the jealous curator /// 11.06.2016 /// 9:36pm

    welcome to my world ; )

  6. Crystal Latimer /// 11.07.2016 /// 5:45am

    Love love love. I’m glad you included the last two pics for a scale reference too!

  7. tijana /// 11.08.2016 /// 2:08pm

    this reminds me of my friends’ work… you should check him out! he does a bunch of stuff, but i remember mostly the rad tapestries he would make and now he’s doing a lot of funky digital exploration stuff… it’s cool