the polygon project


I could not be more proud to have one of my pieces in this beautiful show {that’s my terrarium collage at the bottom of the images, titled “with each spritz, loralee was only enabling mike’s unhealthy obsession with the recent terrarium craze”}. These are just some of the pieces that are part of The Polygon Project, a fabulous exhibition for a wonderful cause, curated by Tasmania based artist/curator Laura E. Kennedy. Not only do I have a polygon in there, but so do two women I’ve interviewed on the podcast… did you see them up there? Catherine Graffam and Amanda Brazier are part of this lovely project too! Here’s what it’s all about:

“This exhibition features over 30 incredible female artists carefully selected from all over the planet by curator Laura E. Kennedy. Each was provided with an identical “logo” shaped panel to work on and the proceeds from sales go to the wonderful Anti-Domestic Violence Charity – White Ribbon.”

See? Beyond proud to be involved with a group of women helping women! The show will be up at the Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart Tasmania until November 13th. Not in Tasmania? No problem… all of this work is available to purchase online, but hurry, because half of the work is already SOLD.

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  1. Beth McBride /// 11.09.2016 /// 6:13am

    WHAT an incredibly beautifully curated group of paintings! I wish I had $600 to buy the hammerhead shark on the site! Congratulations on being included!!

  2. Michael Joyal /// 11.09.2016 /// 7:44am

    Bravo! We need to see this work today.

  3. Sharmon Davidson /// 11.09.2016 /// 4:58pm

    Congratulations! I think your collage is absolutely wonderful; so cool that it benefits a good cause!

  4. Nikke /// 11.12.2016 /// 8:43am

    you guys rock! great art for a great cause! i’m so proud!

  5. Nikke /// 11.12.2016 /// 8:44am

    great art for a great cause! awesome idea! thank you for helping our planet be a better place!