ashley longshore


Abe. For GUCCI. Seriously, I could not love these more! I’m not sure if I could rock those diamond encrusted rose-colored glasses, but Jesus is doing a fabulous job… not to mention Mark Twain and his fashion-forward flowered jacket. This is the crazy, hilarious, and insanely colorful work of New Orleans based artist Ashley Longshore. Here are Ashley’s words about her work:

“My paintings are representative of the world I see around me. I am inspired by pop culture and things that I find intriguing.I really like to combine the use of words and images in an unexpected way to create a smart, colorful bold statement.Most importantly my love of color is what really makes my artwork “pop”. My paintings are statement pieces that are a reflection of the experiences I have in my life.”

Clearly, I need to experience some of Ashley’s life! Mardi Gras, anyone? ps. Keep your eyes open for the first issue of Create Magazine… one of these fellas is on the cover!

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  1. Michael Joyal /// 11.10.2016 /// 9:26am

    Unicorn Jesus!! How awesome is that!!

  2. Katie Grubbs /// 11.10.2016 /// 5:04pm

    These are amazing! I need to see these in person!

  3. Sabine S. from Germany /// 11.11.2016 /// 11:30am

    🙂 luv it!

    Best wishes sent by
    Sabine from WO(rms) in Germany

  4. Nikke /// 11.12.2016 /// 8:40am

    so fun whimsical Abe, but not so whimsical as i feel that Abe is really looking out those cool blue eyes and wondering wtf happened this week in his beautiful country!?

  5. DD Loveland /// 11.12.2016 /// 5:05pm

    these are great!