cory peeke


Ok, I can’t decide if I want to spend all┬áday cutting up old catalogues, or if I should use that time to redecorate my house ’60s-style! This is the work of American artist Cory Peeke. Not only do I love these beautifully composed collages, I also super crazy love this statement:

“I stick stuff to other stuff and kid myself about the rest.” ~ Cory Peeke

YES. Hilarious and amazing. Ok. Time to pick a dust ruffle for the bed.

{discovered via Kolaj Magazine}

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  1. gemma gene /// 11.16.2016 /// 11:32am

    I super love this!

  2. gemma gene /// 11.16.2016 /// 11:34am

    It is so funny, I was going to write a comment saying ” I s u p e r l o v e t h i s” but the system wouldn’t allow it because I already posted this exact comment in the past…what am I supposed to do if I love so many posts?

  3. Brandi Bangs /// 11.16.2016 /// 8:18pm

    These are so interesting Cory. I’d love to hear the reasons behind these pieces and what inspired these.

  4. Sherry Parker /// 11.17.2016 /// 12:17pm

    Please put me on your mailing list, Cory. I think your work is fabulous. If you have time, check out my site. Sherry

  5. Naz Akbar /// 11.19.2016 /// 3:18am

    I simply Love the works of Cory. Would love to know more about Cory & the work…. Size, medium etc

  6. Carla /// 11.19.2016 /// 11:02am

    I love this! Thanks for sharing!