mariko kusumoto


Gasp! Sculpture? Fabric? Yes and yes… but also… jewelry! What!? This is the delicate, whimsical, gorgeous work of Japanese-born, US-based artist Mariko Kusumoto. Brooches, bracelets, and necklaces that look like they were found in a mermaid’s jewelry box… I already gasped, right?

comments (10)

  1. Beth McBride /// 11.15.2016 /// 6:21am

    GASP is right!! I got a huge grin on my face when I saw this today. So delicate and beautiful!

  2. Cynthia Brooks /// 11.15.2016 /// 11:41am

    Just beautiful!

  3. Robin Romain /// 11.15.2016 /// 12:51pm

    I haven’t seen anything as gorgeous as these in a long time. Absolutely lovely!

  4. Sabine S. from Germany /// 11.16.2016 /// 10:42am

    Soooo adorable, enchanting, charming….
    many ♡ ly greetings sent by
    Sabine from WO(rms) in Germany

  5. Joanna Webster /// 11.17.2016 /// 10:56am

    I hope she’ll say yes to a podcast about how she arrived at designing and crafting these, and the techniques she’s developed to do it!

  6. Kaleigh /// 11.18.2016 /// 2:47pm

    I met Mariko and visited her studio when I studied metalsmithing! This new work is SO different from what she was up to then, everyone MUST check out her metalwork as well!

  7. Nikke /// 11.19.2016 /// 10:44am

    yes a mermaid’s jewelry box! oh so very very pretty unusual delicate colorful wonderful

  8. Tiff /// 11.27.2016 /// 2:07pm

    Oooooh. I wish I could touch these. Fascinating.

  9. Linda Warner /// 12.02.2016 /// 7:50pm

    Wow!!! Incredibly beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like these.

  10. Susan Peet /// 12.13.2016 /// 1:18pm

    I came across these absolutely amazing pieces of art. Have never seen anything like this before. Each piece is so delicate, like what you would see in the ocean. The artist has successfully created items that resemble creatures that you would find in the ocean.

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