katie lochhead


“A Brief History of Complex And Delicate Situations”.  Yes, indeed. Beautiful, clever, powerful… all of it. This is a series by American artist {and current MFA student} Katie Lochhead, and these are her words:

This body of work is made with graphite underlinings and ink on paper, and utilizes natural history illustration and botanical plate references combined with first person accounts of trauma. While some of the narratives are mine, others are attained from friends or research, but all are “true” in the sense that they originate from a living person’s viewpoint. I feel that I give myself and the other narrators more room to breath by maintaining some sense of anonymity. 

Beautiful. Clever. Powerful.

comments (12)

  1. Rosalinda /// 11.24.2016 /// 9:50am

    Wow – this is gloriously creative!

  2. Ana /// 11.24.2016 /// 1:23pm

    I am moved by this series.

  3. Sabine S. from Germany /// 11.24.2016 /// 2:42pm

    ♡liche Grüße von
    Sabine aus WO(rms)

  4. Maya B /// 11.24.2016 /// 5:56pm

    These punched me straight in the chest… in a good way! Very powerful.

  5. the jealous curator /// 11.24.2016 /// 9:02pm

    me too!

  6. Hilda /// 11.24.2016 /// 9:51pm

    Visual and verbal poety together – I was very absorbed by these.

  7. Gargi Sharma /// 11.25.2016 /// 1:50am

    This is just beautiful! Why didn’t I think of that?

  8. Kelly Taylor /// 11.25.2016 /// 10:00am

    Gorgeous. And sad. And beautiful.

  9. Johnb /// 11.26.2016 /// 1:22am

    What is this artist on? Oh right.

    Well keep taking the tablets, but double the dosage, your head will clear and the kippers will stop attacking.

  10. leigh hannan /// 11.28.2016 /// 6:17am

    wow, so incredible! you have to read every word!

  11. Ingrid /// 11.29.2016 /// 12:03pm

    I love the subtlety of these works, they are so heartfelt yet poignant in a beautiful restrained and carefully considered way. Just lovely

  12. theGK /// 11.30.2016 /// 5:27pm

    Wow, so good. That first one especially is heartbreaking.

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