“a disciplined free spirit”


A “disciplined free spirit” … that is officially my new life goal! Also, I want to change my name to Bunnie. This was such a funny, inspiring, and yes, cosmic conversation with Los Angeles based artist Bunnie Reiss. I only discovered her work last month, but the moment I did, I knew I had to have her on the podcast! You can listen right under those fabulously “cosmic animal gloves”, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First up, a few magical/cosmic paintings to put you in a Bunnie state of mind:


Oh. My. Well, that leads perfectly into this next batch of cosmic work. This is the book Bunnie made, titled The Cosmic Child, that we were talking about. It’s absolutely stunning. And cosmic:


Beautiful! It’s currently sold out (no surprise!), but she’s organizing another run very soon so keep your eye on her shop!

Next, I mentioned that Bunnie seems to really like painting on, well, everything. She agreed. Here’s proof:


See? We weren’t kidding! Boots, walls, books, and yes, her car.

These next images are so dreamy. This is what she was working on while she was in Paris last month … pastel and quiet and soft:


Lovely. It’s so cool that the work continues to look like hers, but the palettes and details often change depending on where she’s traveling. And yes, Bunnie travels a lot! {ps. these three images are from her inspiring Instagram feed}

And now, her murals. Of all the things Bunnie paints on, buildings are her favorite. Oh, and if you want her to paint on, or in, your building, CONTACT HER, because she’ll end up doing something like this:


Love! I included that scaffolding shot because she had talked about gridding out her murals by using the squares of the scaffolding… I’m going to have to trust her on that one, because my brain would not do that. My brain, however, can totally understand squirrels and rabbits eating donuts ♥

And last but not least, her gloves. This is how I first discovered the wonderful world of Bunnie Reiss, so I just had to share them again:


Gah! I love them so much… so much in fact that included a pair in the upcoming show, PRETTY / PECULIAR, that I co-curated at the Alison Milne Gallery in Toronto! If you’re in Toronto from Dec 1 – Jan 7th you have to go see them in person {ps. Dec 1 opening party info below}

And finally, a meringue-covered result of the not-so-speedy speed round:


Oh, that photo makes me so happy. Sunshine, laughing, and a GIANT lemon pie in Paris. Ah, oui… c’est parfait. Thank you so much to Bunnie for doing this with me and sharing all of her goosebump-inducing wisdom; thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting yet another episode; thanks to audible.com for making my new book into an audio book – it’s officially available now – and of course, thank YOU so much for listening! There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

Other links:

  1. Bunnie’s shop (ps. A new series of affordable works will be available first weekend of December… including 6 new sets of Cosmic Animal Gloves!)
  2. Margaret Kilgallen video/quote about embracing the imperfect lines
  3. Honfleur Gallery, Washington DC
  4. “Pretty / Peculiar” Show at Alison Milne Gallery, Toronto

      * “Pretty / Peculiar” Opening Dec 1, 7-9pm RSVP: gallery@alisonmilne.com

comments (15)

  1. Julie /// 11.27.2016 /// 3:01am

    Lovely lovely!! SO inspiring and totally love the idea of the scaffolding grid and lemon meringue pie!

  2. Jen /// 11.27.2016 /// 8:43pm

    Loved listening to this one. Bonnie has a great life and artistic philosophy.

  3. Megan Woodard Johnson /// 11.28.2016 /// 12:40pm

    I was so excited to see who was on deck for today’s interview! Bonnie did an amazing mural in Milwaukee recently – the spirit of her work is so lovely, and both her work and work philosophy are so inspiring. Thank you so much to both of you for letting us listen in on your chat!

  4. Cheryl Hansen /// 11.28.2016 /// 2:26pm

    I love that Bunnie would choose to be a bird!!! Her passion is contagious. So many bits of knowledge to gain from this — I am in awe. Life doesn’t give us a “do – over.” I am going to have to invent a way for these podcasts become virtual interviews. I’ll send in the application for the patent as soon as I finish my meditation.

  5. the jealous curator /// 11.28.2016 /// 7:13pm

    haha! perfect – i’ll be waiting for that ; )

  6. Evie /// 11.29.2016 /// 3:39am

    Thanks so much for this Danielle and Bunnie!! Yup tears and chills, I’m coming back to listen again : )

  7. theGK /// 11.30.2016 /// 5:29pm

    Those boots are pure genius!

  8. Lindsay /// 12.02.2016 /// 11:05am

    So dreamy! I think her work might be my favorite yet. Those colors and shapes with a dash of whimsy…I cannot get enough!

  9. Caren /// 12.02.2016 /// 11:39am

    I so hope her dream of painting a full house and yard comes to fruition. What a spectacular vision!

  10. the jealous curator /// 12.03.2016 /// 10:43am

    me too! i’m sure it will happen… it has to!

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  12. ST /// 01.03.2017 /// 8:32am

    Oh how she creates magic, especially with the dots and fine lines!

  13. Christy maurer /// 01.07.2017 /// 10:13am

    Bunnie! Great interview, beautiful work. Where in philly is your mural? I’ll see you in DC on the 21st

  14. Berta /// 01.29.2018 /// 9:31am

    Catching up on the podcast episodes. This is a delightful interview. I absolutely love her work and she seems like a beautiful soul.

  15. Vivien /// 03.10.2019 /// 7:46am

    I checked out Bunnie’s website and now I want to follow the Bunnie trail and see those murals!!! So wonderful. Thanks Jealous Curator for introducing me to another incredible inspiring artist!

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