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Now this is the kind of garbage I need in my life! These discarded piles of stuff are the beautiful work {acrylic paintings} of Austin TX based artist Jason Webb. Is it just me, or do you kinda wanna rummage through those elegantly painted piles of junk to see what’s in there? Just me? Oh, ok. ps. You can find a lot of his work available on SaatchiArt.com

{Thanks to Michele Hogan for pointing me to Jason’s work!}

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  1. Kendra /// 12.01.2016 /// 7:14am

    Just moved into a new house – this is basically my life right now! (But not quite so beautiful!)

  2. Michael Joyal /// 12.01.2016 /// 7:41am

    It is really difficult to paint plastic and he captures it perfectly!

  3. Julie /// 12.01.2016 /// 11:23pm


  4. Synnöve /// 12.02.2016 /// 1:36pm

    I absolutely love these paintings. They are full of stories and a tenderness shown t the the ngos we discard Sonpoignantvin this world of consumption and waste. Thank you for sharing this work

  5. Synnöve /// 12.02.2016 /// 1:38pm

    not really sure what my thumbs were trying to say. In the post above, but I was saying that these paintings are especially poignant in this time of consumption and waste.

  6. Molly /// 12.03.2016 /// 1:13pm

    Wow. Beautiful, beautiful work!

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