greg hart


Whether American artist Greg Hart intended a narrative to come alive in this series or not, it has. This isn’t his most recent body of work, but these images pulled me in the moment I saw them … the palette, the facial expressions of his found subjects, and the untold stories behind their eyes. Hauntingly beautiful.

comments (6)

  1. Julie /// 12.02.2016 /// 5:02am

    LOVE this work!

  2. Lindsay /// 12.02.2016 /// 11:02am

    These are so very beautiful!

  3. Sheryl Pond /// 12.03.2016 /// 3:49am

    What medium is this?

  4. Greg Hart /// 12.03.2016 /// 6:05am

    graphite, charcoal, gouache, coffee, gesso
    and predominantly acrylic paint
    all of the paintings above are on paper

  5. Kelly O'Keefe /// 12.03.2016 /// 7:14am

    Greg’s work is perfect– the portrait subject’s story comes through with such energy and amplification. I’m knocked out!

  6. a friedman /// 12.03.2016 /// 9:55am

    especially love the use of detail and the aqua/blue

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