johanna goodman


“Imaginary Beings” … love! These fantastical collages are the work of New York based artist Johanna Goodman. I wrote about her three years ago, and it’s so inspiring to see how her work has evolved. Also, I would like a dress made from logs, or icebergs, or swans. Happy Monday.

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  1. Jane Hinchliffe /// 12.05.2016 /// 4:24am

    I just adore these collages and would be really hard pressed to choose a favourite but if I really, really had to, I choose the swans.

  2. Beth McBride /// 12.05.2016 /// 7:24am

    these are fantastic!

  3. stephanie /// 12.05.2016 /// 4:38pm

    stellar!!! the first one is my favorite, and the bird one next. love them!

  4. theGK /// 12.05.2016 /// 5:57pm

    those swan wings

  5. Marti /// 12.06.2016 /// 2:09pm

    I love all of them

  6. the jealous curator /// 12.06.2016 /// 4:28pm

    me too… and there are sooo many more where these came from! (hard to choose favorites)

  7. Regina /// 12.10.2016 /// 5:05am

    thank you so much for bringing her work to our attention. It’s fabulous!!!!!! I would definitely have to pick the one with the blankets because I am always cold and I have blankets all over our house!!! 🙂 It’s amazing how many more works there are on her site!!!

  8. Nikkie /// 12.10.2016 /// 10:38am

    i love looking at all the pretty artwork/dresses, but then i find myself in shopping mode and then i have to pic my favs too, which are the walking glacier dress in the birch forest, and i love the razzle dazzle glittery rock dress, and the log dress accompanied by awesome squirrels! what a fashion show! thanks!

  9. Sheryl Pond /// 12.10.2016 /// 4:52pm

    amazing amazing delightful, witty, funny and love um!

  10. johanna goodman - fooledbyart /// 03.10.2021 /// 1:28am

    […] that’s Johanna in collage form right up there}. I’ve written about her “Imaginary Beings” before, and you better believe I’ll do it again! These statuesque figures are organized into all sorts […]

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