nicoletta daríta de la brown


Forgotten plastic bags that have been embroidered into unforgettable works of art. This is a series from 2013, titled “El Barrio Bodega”, by Baltimore based artist Nicoletta Daríta de la Brown. Why embroidery on old bags? Here are Nicoletta’s words on exactly that:

“Embroidered corner-store grocery bags. Rescued from the gutter; blowing down the street like city tumbleweed. I reclaim and elevate what once was discarded by creating embellished art objects. Growing up in Brooklyn and Harlem I’d visit my block’s bodega daily, with pennies in hand, and leave with priceless treasures. More than just bags, they reflect a sense of pride for my neighborhood and are a symbol of my cultural identity.”

Beautiful, in every way.

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  1. seelvana /// 12.13.2016 /// 7:01am

    hi, i went to her site and the instagram link is broken 🙁
    maybe you can let her know 🙂

  2. Jessica /// 12.13.2016 /// 10:03am

    These are incredibly gorgeous. I love the use of the salvaged plastic bags.

  3. Jessica Gibson /// 12.13.2016 /// 11:42am

    Wow, I absolutely love the concept and final product.

  4. Kimberly Santini /// 12.14.2016 /// 8:05am

    I love these – wow! thanks so much for sharing this sort of work – truly inspiring!

  5. Nikkie /// 12.17.2016 /// 11:35am

    now, these are the most beautiful reusable bags i ever did see!
    what was once in the gutter is now art!

  6. Julie /// 12.18.2016 /// 1:20am


  7. Jeffrey Howard von Allgeier /// 12.29.2016 /// 9:34am

    I don’t think these are reusable, from what the artist said these appear to be the flimsy plastic disposable ones, turning trash into art. These are items that I would frame or shadow box. Fragile yet beautiful, like life in NYC is…

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