kyle skor


Whoa. I feel like I just woke up from a really weird dream … and I wanna go back to sleep so I can wander around in there a little longer! These are the paintings of American artist / children’s book author & illustrator Kyle Skor. I already wanted to be friends with him when I found his beautifully bizarre work, and then I read his bio…

Kyle Skor grew up playing in the prairie snows and forests of the upper midwest, which nurtured in him the spirit of the wandering mystic. At one point he went to Williams College and studied art history and psychology, and chose somewhat prematurely to enter a doctoral program at Harvard at the age of 22. As a graduate student, he spent more time skipping class to read poetry and sketch at the museums of greater Boston and Cambridge than not, an awareness of which ultimately led him to drop out of school and assume a variety of odd jobs, working by candlelight on his “work”. Between 2005-2013, the fruits of most of these efforts found themselves consigned to various landfills around Asia and California. 

See? Now I really want to hang out with him! Happy Friday.

comments (5)

  1. Nikkie /// 12.17.2016 /// 11:49am

    gouache? or watercolor? screen prints? or? l love the dreamy whimsical colors and design. so pretty and fun to look at.

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.17.2016 /// 4:15pm

    they’re paintings but he doesn’t list materials on his site… hm… i might guess gouache. kyle, if you read this let us know! : )

  3. Raphael Jeong /// 12.17.2016 /// 6:53pm

    Dear jealous curator:)

    So happy to see Kyle’s work on your site! Sorry I don’t really know which materials he uses. But I know he’s one helluva amazing artist;)

  4. Kyle Skor /// 12.18.2016 /// 8:43pm

    Guesses totally correct~ a ridiculously thickly applied gouache that often misleads. All on 300 gram paper ~ 19 X 24 cm. Grey pieces variable dimension ~ largest featured here 160 X 140 cm ~ pen, acrylic, and oil marker on canvas. Happily read, yes ^^

  5. the jealous curator /// 12.18.2016 /// 10:07pm

    yay! thanks for the info kyle : )

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