agnès cappadoro


Paper. Paper!? Sigh. They’re almost like Zen gardens, but instead of rocks, French graphic designer/artist Agnès Cappadoro has used beautifully cut and folded pieces of colorful paper to create these quiet paper sculptures. Exhale. Breathe. Love.

comments (4)

  1. Juanita /// 01.11.2017 /// 6:27am

    I’m doing a it of physics reading (for the layperson) right now, and these beautiful sculptures remind me of magnetic fields drawings around magnets. While doing this reading, I have been thinking quite a bit about the intersection of art with science… because I have to use quite a bit of my visual imagination to understand or conceptualize meaning for the words on the page.

  2. Sabine S. from Germany /// 01.11.2017 /// 9:36am

    Soooo great!
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    Best wishes sent by
    Sabine from WO(rms) in Germany ♡

  3. Alison Keenan /// 01.15.2017 /// 10:32am

    So many possibilities here !How to resist the urge to reach in and move the sculptures! Admiring from afar,

  4. Agnes Cappadoro /// 01.19.2017 /// 1:27am

    Thanks all of you ! Juanita, Sabine and Alison !
    It means a lot to receive support.
    Best wishes for 2017

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