justin margitich


Watercolor, colored pencil, and acrylic on paper … figured I’d put that list out there right away, seeing as that was the first thing I asked myself when I saw the work of American artist Justin Margitich. I would love to jump into one of his magical / weird worlds, but since I can’t, I guess the next best thing would be to see them in person. If you’re in LA you can see his current show that just opened on Saturday January 14. It runs until February 25 at Moskowitz Bayse Gallery. I’ll be in LA mid-February, so that’s my plan!

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  1. Klara Donovan /// 01.17.2017 /// 5:22am

    These are cool! I love the contrast!

  2. Nikkie /// 01.22.2017 /// 10:13am

    rainbows forming mucky colors or mucky colors forming rainbows! that is my question! these are stunning!

  3. Jenny M /// 01.27.2017 /// 8:38am

    Those are amazing. Thank you for sharing! I wouldn’t see half as many cool artist without this site.