abigail mccallum


Gasp! They look like close-ups, and they are, but they’re also the final pieces… sigh… oh, so many big, beautiful blooms! These large-scale oil paintings are the work of American painter (and classical ballet dancer) Abigail McCallum. She has only been painting for six years… Yeah. I know. I think we should all keep an eye on this prima painter.

Some of her work is available via Hang Art.

ps. scale, and ballet skills:


comments (4)

  1. Beth McBride /// 01.17.2017 /// 7:21am

    Wow! The lighting in these! They look like they are glowing from within. I also had these pegged as watercolors when I first saw them.

  2. Michael Joyal /// 01.17.2017 /// 10:02am

    Those are so lush and delicate. I feel relaxed looking at them. Would love to dive into that painting.

  3. Nikkie /// 01.22.2017 /// 10:11am

    the flower petals do look like they are moving, swaying, dancing just like the artist~ballerina. now, if there’s something i’m totally jealous of it’s a ballerina + artist!

  4. Hena Tayeb /// 01.22.2017 /// 3:22pm

    beautiful detail.. very visually engaging..