jeffrey gibson


Wow, now these are a punch to the creative gut. This is the powerful, gorgeous, insanely detailed work of New York based artist Jeffrey Gibson. He grew up all over the US, not to mention living in Germany, Korea, and England along the way. With a Choctaw and Cherokee background, Jeffrey uses traditional elements (beads, metal cones) mixed with contemporary elements (Everlast punching bags) to make his very powerful point about the treatment of Native Americans. Most beautiful TKO, ever.

comments (6)

  1. leigh hannan /// 01.18.2017 /// 7:07am

    thank goodness for the creativity of others. I can’t even imagine coming up with an idea like this, and after seeing them, I am floored (you know, knocked out)! thank you for showcasing this artist!

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.18.2017 /// 7:53am

    me too… took my breath away the first time i saw them.

  3. Julie Powell /// 01.19.2017 /// 6:35am

    Simply fantastic work….powerful and beautiful and intricate….very impressed and moved. Thank you.

  4. Berta /// 01.19.2017 /// 10:27am

    Wow!!! powerful creativity. Love these

  5. Laura Johnston /// 01.20.2017 /// 11:11am

    I really love these.

  6. Debbie Loveland /// 01.21.2017 /// 5:07am

    Absolutely wonderful