“a fearless act”


An Italian artist in London, who I met at a Belgian pub in Ireland… and I’m calling her from Canada. Yeah. Naomi Vona creates whimsical, wonderful work using found photos, stickers, tape, paint … a lot of which is neon. See? Right up my alley! You can listen under that lovely lady surrounded in tape {which I happen to own!}, or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First up, images covered in pattern:


Obviously it wasn’t a shock to find out that as a kid she covered all of her books and binders with dots and lines and pattern! How fantastic is it that she still does that!?

Next, there was a lot of talk about dots and tape, and for good reason:


Gah! I love them all! Now, one of the main reasons I love doing this podcast – getting all of the behind the scenes info, and images. Here is the piece just above, in progress on her cutting mat {along with a few piles of found images}:


They are all so precious … which is why I admire her even more for taking on this “fearless act” again and again and again!

Ok. Her masks! I am sooooo happy I asked her, ‘why all the masks?’:


Delicate, mysterious, beautiful. Speaking of which:


There she is! Naomi in her very own paper mask. Dreamy. Thank you so much to Naomi for chatting with me; Thanks to Saatchi Art for supporting this episode; and as always, thank you for listening! There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

ps. Tokyo galleries… scoop her! Amazing art for your gallery, and her dream comes true – win win!

Other links:

  1. Naomi’s Etsy Shop
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  3. Naomi on Instagram


comments (12)

  1. rossana taormina /// 02.18.2017 /// 11:59am


  2. Julie /// 02.18.2017 /// 11:06pm

    This went by so quickly!! Beautiful, bold work! Thanks for the intro. I love the idea behind the masks 🙂

  3. bonnie /// 02.21.2017 /// 9:53pm

    beautiful artist, with such passion!
    and when do we get to hear more about this Venice workshop!?

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    […] of course have more insights aobut my art process, jump to her blog and listen the entire podcast here. […]

  5. Elissa S Nesheim /// 03.02.2017 /// 8:28am

    Love love love this interview!

  6. the jealous curator /// 03.02.2017 /// 9:00am

    me too 🙂

  7. Michael Joyal /// 03.04.2017 /// 4:16pm

    Great interview Naomi! I was thinking about the question of where I wound want to show my work and it finally came to me, San Francisco. Thanks for giving me the chance to think about it.

  8. Naomi Vona /// 03.07.2017 /// 4:51am

    Thanks to everyone commented here!
    I am truly glad that you all took time to listen my story and I am super happy that you enjoyed it too 🙂
    Thanks again Danielle for giving me this chance, it was a great experience.

  9. the jealous curator /// 03.08.2017 /// 7:29am


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  11. Mariana Valentine /// 12.15.2020 /// 1:21am

    Love this interview so much! I keep returning to listen. Really inspired by your kitchen table studio Naomi – such prolific beauty from a tiny space! All good wishes for getting to Japan <3

  12. the jealous curator /// 12.15.2020 /// 9:08am

    isn’t she wonderful?

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