linden eller


Dreeeeeeaaaaaamy… bits of paper and forgotten scraps of fabric stitched together to create new, beautifully composed narratives. This is the work of American artist {currently based in Japan}Linden Eller. Her color palette through her entire site has this quiet, muted, hazy feel. This is why:

“Choosing a distinctly pale colour palette together with the use of tracing paper, her pieces attempt to replicate the quiet hazy environment from which a memory is recalled.  Blending autobiographical narratives with larger collective subjects such as childhood, longing, and home, Linden thinks of her collages as field recordings from the mind.”   


comments (4)

  1. Julie /// 03.02.2017 /// 6:02am

    Oh. I love this work! You can see the influence of Japan.

  2. Beth McBride /// 03.02.2017 /// 6:33am

    They are so lovely, breezy and light feeling. I especially like the one just of the curtains, windows and plants…the feeling of a room you loved.

  3. Michael Joyal /// 03.02.2017 /// 11:36am

    Fantastic! I love how it all seems like a dream.

  4. Nikkie /// 03.04.2017 /// 9:31am

    fragments of a story! there’s more than one way to tell a story and i like the pieces that make up these little beautiful stories! what do they say! i like that i don’t really know.

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