katie evans


I wish I could make my pencil do this. Sigh. These are the latest drawings from Florida based artist Katie Evans. Her work is so quiet and serene, but her women are not:

“At first glance the women in my work may appear meek and docile, lying lifeless or staring blankly into space. The seemingly submissive poses they hold become performances of endurance as they firmly resist their environment. They are immersed within themselves, possessing a quiet, reserved power.”

Indeed, they do. Happy Friday.

comments (5)

  1. Elissa Nesheim /// 03.03.2017 /// 8:45am

    So lovely and perfect for today!

  2. Victoria du Toit /// 03.04.2017 /// 1:19am

    Katie, your women are beautiful, I love that they are ‘resisting their environment’…what a beautiful statement about identity❤️

  3. Nikkie /// 03.04.2017 /// 9:17am

    ooooooh love that quiet reserved power! love love love!
    so pretty and powerful and feminine!

  4. Julie /// 03.04.2017 /// 11:08pm

    Stunning pencil work!

  5. Katie Evans-Retain | Act1ve Pr0cess /// 10.23.2017 /// 4:54pm

    […] https://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/2017/03/03/katie-evans-2/ […]

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