casey gray

I had to include that studio shot so that you’d believe me when I told you these are paintings … aerosol paint and laborious, hand cut masking techniques making paint feel almost digital. Amazing. This is the work of  San Francisco based artist Casey Gray, and here’s why he does what he does the way he does it:

In the internet-age of cultural production, collections of mass objects can often stand in for genuine individuality. As images stream in and out of our news feeds, mobile apps, and internet searches, we are granted access to an unprecedented array of content divorced from its context or origin. Individual images become malleable and interchangeable within this visual framework. Casey Gray is interested in how people process and manage this visual overload. He aims to create work that explores and emphasizes the collision of visual experiences inherent to the contemporary landscape, and in the process find a deeper understanding of himself.

If you happen to be in San Francisco, Casey has a solo show, titled “Double Knotted”opening at Hashimoto Contemporary tomorrow night – April 1 from 6pm – 9pm {runs until April 22}.

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  1. Roberta /// 03.31.2017 /// 6:25am

    Oh my! Well, the video of him at work is just…..I don’t know. Impressive? I cannot imagine painting like that but it is interesting……

  2. Nikkie /// 04.01.2017 /// 10:46am

    I thought at first it was airbrushed artwork and it’s incredible that it’s aerosol too! I enjoy looking at this colorful art and wondering how it all connects like a baby looking at a hanging mobile…ooooh pretty!