“an opportunistic optimist”

This post is filled to the brim with so much amazing work, AND such an interesting back story! From a dairy farm, to art school, to working in flooded basements to selling huge installations in New York. Yep, Molly Hatch has seen it all. Of course, so has Molly Hatch Studio. That’s right, she has a few lives happening at once. No.1 commercial artist designing ceramics for companies like Anthropologie, The Land of Nod, Target … No.2 Fine artist creating huge, detailed, amazing installation work … No.3 Mother to a sweet six year old girl. I’m not sure when she sleeps, but she claims she does. You can listen right up there under Molly installing one of her ‘plates as paintings’ pieces,  or you can subscribe on iTunes.

First up, a few of her pieces that you might recognize {and that Mick might like, since they’re blue!}

Ahh, the teacup mug. And that vase… I need that vase!

Next, stepping back a tiny bit, these were a few of the pieces in her show at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia a year after completing her MFA {2010}:

Ah, yes… back where it all began!

So during that time there was a lot of hard work, and not a lot of money. I loved this story… not the poor part, but the hard work part… oh, and that very well-timed email she got from Anthropologie. She’s been working with them for years now, and here are a few of my recent faves:

Clearly, I’m going to need that unicorn mug. And the dachshund.

So, from functional pieces that can be found on shelves in lovely stores around the world, to breathtaking installation art that hangs in galleries and museums around the world. This is the piece she was talking about that is permanently installed in the lobby of the High Museum of Art in Atlanta:

Ooh, I would love to see that in person!

Now, If you happen to be in New York you could pop by Todd Merrill Studio, the gallery Molly’s been working with for the last few years. Here are just some of her insane fine art pieces:


Right?! Oh my word – so much talent in one person.

And finally, you’ll be happy to know that Molly’s no longer working in a flooded apartment basement {wearing rain boots with her supplies in tubs}, now she works HERE:

What the wha! Gorgeous and so well-deserved. Here’s to being an “opportunistic optimist”, and saying yes to all of the amazing things that come along with that outlook. Thank you so much to Molly for sharing her story – the good, the bad, the hustle, all of it. Thank you as always to Saatchi Art for supporting this episode, and thank YOU for listening. There will be more art for your ear next weekend.

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  1. The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// “an opportunistic optimist” - Lila Hafner /// 04.01.2017 /// 4:05am

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  2. heidi /// 04.01.2017 /// 8:10am

    …so inspiring, so informative…I LOVED this podcast so much, thank you!

  3. Allyn Howard /// 04.01.2017 /// 1:52pm

    Wow! Phenomenal interview. I remember seeing one of her installations on the cover Uppercase magazine and falling in love. It was great to hear her story. Regardless of the downs, I’ve rarely heard one that seemed to move so seamlessly in the right direction. She was truly meant to be doing this work. I feel jealous, but I’m inspired by it. You guys had such a nice casual rapport, a real joy to hear!!

  4. Julie /// 04.02.2017 /// 1:15am

    Such a FANTASTIC podcast!!! So interesting and inspiring! The perfect way to start the week xx

  5. Giusy /// 04.02.2017 /// 1:28am

    I love her aesthetic! Very beautiful works, I follow her workshops on line and her pottery design is fantastic!

  6. Aga Koch /// 04.03.2017 /// 5:12am

    …and that’s why you just can’t stop Danielle!!! Made my soul want to fly! Looooved it! Thanks!

  7. Berta /// 04.05.2017 /// 10:32am

    Gorgeously stunning art!!! And a wonderful interview, thank you Danielle. I really appreciate how honest Molly was about the initial hardships, struggle with mass production, and keeping her artistic integrity. Money can be a difficult thing for some people to discuss and she was so open and frank, which I loved.

  8. Ann /// 04.05.2017 /// 10:50am

    After I listened to this, I realized I might have a covered butter dish from Anthropologie of hers and lo and behold, I do! I am just amazed by those plate installations. The math that must be involved!

  9. Andrea Larsen /// 04.08.2017 /// 3:30pm

    Thank you so much for featuring a potter! I absolutely loved everything about this episode! Thanks for all you do Danielle. I love this podcast so much. I’m glad you’re going to keep it going. I had a dream of having dinner with Molly after this episode! Sadly, Mick Jagger wasn’t there.

  10. the jealous curator /// 04.09.2017 /// 7:34pm

    ok, that made me LOL ; ) … maybe mick was busy that night. or maybe he didn’t want to eat there unless the plates were blue?

  11. Katy Gilmore /// 04.16.2017 /// 1:40pm

    Wow, wow, how great to listen to Molly Hatch, so interesting — thank you so much Danielle!

  12. the jealous curator /// 04.16.2017 /// 10:03pm

    isn’t she great!? (thanks katy)

  13. INTERVIEW: Molly Hatch on Jealous Curator Podcast - Molly Hatch /// 06.13.2017 /// 8:57am


  14. Brian Pittman /// 09.20.2017 /// 9:50pm

    Really awesome work. I love it. It’s gorgeous, very stunning art. fantastic poetry design. The blue plates are looking very beautiful. Thank you so much.

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