lucia dill

A few years ago I accidentally saw the work of California based artist Lucia Dill. I was walking through the studios at California College of the Arts in San Francisco and peeked into her space. Chairs, everywhere! Well, I just popped by her site today and was thrilled to find even more! She uses folding chairs to “convey relationships, interactions, and body language” often observing people in coffee shops and cafes. As a huge fan of eavesdropping in cafes, I wonder if those lovely tags reference what Lucia may have overheard, or if it’s the positioning of the chairs after the coffee drinkers have gone home that inspires an imagined conversation. Hm. {Lucia, if you read this, let us know!}

{Some of this work is available in her shop}

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  1. Rob Grad /// 04.03.2017 /// 8:06am

    The tags make these really interesting. I love them. Great find!

  2. Cheryl Hansen /// 04.03.2017 /// 12:37pm

    And I want to know if the tags are part of the overall painting?? . . .

  3. the jealous curator /// 04.03.2017 /// 1:36pm

    they are!

  4. Lucia Dill /// 04.04.2017 /// 12:55pm

    Good question! Since I have an interest in words, the titles are mostly original bits of text I carefully craft about the piece’s emotion, experience, observation or thought (mostly about the chairs’ attitudes). I love that they translate as overhead snippets of conversation. Thank you; Your posts are so considered and kind!

  5. Tim Zeleny /// 04.04.2017 /// 2:46pm

    Thanks for sharing and actually went and bought a piece today. Appreciate you eye on talent, “jealous curator”

  6. Cheryl Hansen /// 04.04.2017 /// 2:48pm

    Ahhh, lovely. It creates another dimension to the subject – clever.

  7. J M /// 04.07.2017 /// 2:40am

    Reminds me of the early Picasso/Braque paintings! Incorporating all those viewpoints into one object, except she takes it a step further and brings the background into the mix… gives it a sense of movement