yunhee lee

Gasp! This is the absolutely gorgeous ceramic work of Korean artist Yunhee Lee. The detail, the gold, and of course my weakness, portraits of women. Here is a description of her work, found on Gallery Huue’s {Singapore} website:

“Lee calls herself a collector: collector of common stories around her, regarding people’s insatiable desires, fears, anxieties and the cure they search and find to overcome them. She takes note of these ‘curing processes’ and bring them to life with her hands using clay as a medium. Layers of variously sized units and the splendid patterns and colors have created a beautifully delicate and refined artwork that has come to define Lee’s artistic style.”


comments (3)

  1. Natalie /// 04.20.2017 /// 12:17pm

    Oh wow these are absolutely stunning! I love how you can read the images on their faces and try to put a story together about them

    – Natalie

  2. Nikkie /// 04.22.2017 /// 7:15am

    serene expressions; closed eyes, subtle smiles with razzle dazzle bling bling adorning them! beautiful and powerful!

  3. Anna /// 04.30.2017 /// 5:47am

    Definitely something very special. I love how their faces come alive but each time you glance they tell a different tale

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