charlotte keates

London based artist Charlotte Keates spent the summer and fall of 2016 on an ‘inspiration trip’ around the USA and Canada. The result? “Sojourn”, a new solo show that opens May 4th at Arusha Gallery in Edinburgh. Now, you’d think I’d be posting all of the Canadian pieces, but weirdly my favorite pieces are the California-esque pieces… this Canadian girl wants to see palm trees!

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  1. Marina Dunbar /// 04.20.2017 /// 7:50am

    Oooh these are stunning

  2. NancyLee /// 04.22.2017 /// 3:09am

    Palm trees over Corbusier against painterly skies – a rich smorgasbord of genre, and a visual treat!

  3. Nikkie /// 04.22.2017 /// 7:08am

    there is something very very intriguing about mid-century architecture and how artists beautifully capture it, turning that time period into a present for us future viewers.

  4. Terry L /// 04.22.2017 /// 8:56am

    Looks like Palm Springs to place on earth!