summer camp 1 : au naturel

Hello Campers! Welcome to day 1 of 15 at AFYE Summer Camp! Here are the ins and outs from this first episode:

Art Project No.1 

Instagram-a-Day:  Take one photo each day, every day for the next week … with a camp theme of course! This way there is a starting place, and no excuse not to do it! I’m even going to give you the theme for each day:

Saturday // Vintage  

Sunday // Wood  

Monday // Make  

Tuesday // Blue  

Wednesday // Boat  

Thursday // Nature  

Friday // Snacks

I can’t wait to see what these prompts conjure up for everyone! If you want to share your work along the way {I’m going to}, just use #AFYEcamp 

Artist Examples: 

As promised, images and links for the three artists I mentioned as inspirational examples of self-directed, daily creative assignments. First up, Lisa Congdon and her “Collection A Day” project from 2010:

… and of course a few pieces from Lisa’s 2016 “Experiments in Blue” weekly project:

And, if you’d like to do Lisa’s exercise from Creative Block this week too, please do:

“Choose one thing you love to draw or paint (and feel comfortable drawing or painting) already (an animal, object, a person, whatever). For 30 days, draw or paint that thing 30 different ways, a different way every day. You can use different mediums, expressions, positions, colors, whatever. Each day, push yourself to do something much different than the day before, but keep the thing the same. See how keeping one element constant (in this case, the “thing” you love to draw or paint), can allow you to break out creatively in other ways.” ~ Lisa Congdon, 2014

So fun! Speaking of which… the absolutely gorgeous results of daily walks taken by Australian artist Leonie Barton:

And finally, the obsessive compulsive {and hilarious} daily drawings of Kate Bingaman-Burt:

Pop a toasted marshmallow in my mouth, and that’s that! Thanks so much to Saatchi Art for supporting the first day of summer camp, and thanks so much to you for listening! AFYE camp continues next weekend.

Other links:

  1. Creative Block, by me
  2. Secret Lives of Great Artists, by Elizabeth Lunday
  3. Lisa Congdon on AFYE : Episode 10 / Episode 77
  4. Kate Bingaman-Burt on AFYE : Episode 22
  5. NOTE: I said Georgia O’Keefe’s “ex-husband” – I’m not sure they were actually divorced?


comments (8)

  1. Caren /// 05.22.2017 /// 8:35am

    Fun! Looking forward to the other camp projects, etc. And, you found the Secret Lives book, isn’t it the best?!~

  2. Penelope /// 05.22.2017 /// 11:27pm

    Such fun … looking for a sketchbook so I can *do* this series … thanks!

  3. Leslie /// 05.26.2017 /// 1:16am

    Eek! I’m almost a week late in starting camp!!!

  4. Karen robey /// 06.13.2017 /// 2:22pm

    What a very inventive and quite whimsical idea for your summer podcasts! It is such a delight to listen to such sweet morsels of artsiness!!

    Thank you for your cleverness Danielle and full speed ahead with your projects!

  5. the jealous curator /// 06.13.2017 /// 8:30pm

    thanks karen : )

  6. Emily Johnson /// 06.29.2017 /// 1:16pm

    This is absolutely delightful! Thank you for inspiring me on this Thursday afternoon! X

  7. the jealous curator /// 06.29.2017 /// 5:37pm

    oh, my pleasure (and thank YOU!)

  8. Instagram: Skadeligt eller konstruktivt? /// 05.24.2018 /// 2:54am

    […] Brug andres post som inspiration til at få gjort nogle af de ting, som du selv har lyst til at gøre. Post gerne resultatet som inspiration for andre. Jeg er fx blevet utrolig inspireret af at følge fantastiske @merlegoll_illustration og det har også været virkelig sjov at deltage i the jealous curators #afyecamp. […]

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