jonathan crowther

Flowers and some very odd vases… glue lids, drink spouts, and of course, a soy sauce fish! These are the wonderful paintings {oil on canvas} of Melbourne based painter Jonathan Crowther. I love everything about these – the realism of the flowers, the fact that those flowers are poking out of glue lids, and the flat/colorful abstract backgrounds. Gorgeous. ps. Jonathan has a new show, featuring a different body of work, that just opened today in Sydney {which I guess would be yesterday there?} at Palmer Art Projects. It runs until June 24th, 2017.

And, because seeing scale {and the artist!} is always fun:

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  1. Michael Joyal /// 05.25.2017 /// 9:11am

    The scale of these! Wow!!

  2. Yuri /// 05.25.2017 /// 10:15am

    great paintings! I’m sure Jonathan’s show is interesting.