aimée henny brown

Gasp! “Shelter”, an installation by Canadian artist Aimée Henny Brown. I’m not sure where to start? The mixed media collages, the pink ranger station… that paper cutting!? Ok, I’ve got no words so I’m handing this over to Aimée :

“Exhibited at the Ranger Station Art Gallery for June, 2015,  the work was inspired by my artist residency in the district of Kent, and through access to archives held at the Agassiz-Harrison Museum and Archives.   Through this body of work, I am visually exploring a period in this area’s history where the land was wild, shelter was provisional and industry was just beginning to imagine its place in the Fraser Valley. The re-presentation of these historical moments is also informed by imagined, alternative visions of what the term shelter can represent. In its most essential form, shelter is depicted as a triangle – an icon of sanctuary and dwelling. The triangle motif is employed throughout the work as a talisman to conjure concepts of protection, survival and home – but it is also the essential geometric building block of geodesic domes, tent structures, gabled walls, pitched roofs and signal flags. In this exhibition, the triangle is both form and metaphor. The aim of this work is to glimpse into local histories while discovering the imaginative potential of digging deeply into this past, and closely examining our relationship with place.”

Beautiful. Happy Friday.

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  1. Michael Joyal /// 05.26.2017 /// 1:02pm

    I love the paper cutting that acts as roots to the image above!

  2. Tara Galuska /// 05.26.2017 /// 3:44pm

    Hey! One of my favourite artists and humans. Love Aimée’s work 🙂

  3. Tristesse Seeliger /// 05.26.2017 /// 5:49pm

    Love Aimée’s work, intelligence and overall awesomeness. YESSS!

  4. Molly Paulick /// 05.26.2017 /// 10:05pm

    Her color scheme is stunning as well as her imagery. It is so dreamy, innovative and overall peaceful. I’d reaaallly like to live in that pink house.

  5. the jealous curator /// 05.26.2017 /// 11:10pm

    me too.

  6. Julie Liger-Belair /// 05.28.2017 /// 11:49am

    Fantastically beautiful and magical. I love it all, wish I could have seen this in person!