kirstin lamb

Gasp! These are just a few pieces from American artist Kirstin Lamb‘s latest series, “Embroidery Paintings”. Sure, they might look like embroidery at first glance, but when you get up close ‘n personal you’ll discover they’re actually paintings made up of zillions of tiny, colorful dots of gouache on Duralar.  LOVE! You know what I love even more? The final piece above, titled “Floral With Butterfly”, will be hanging on the wall at this year’s Hotbed Benefit in San Francisco. Yes, a few months ago I was asked to curate the artwork for this annual gala, in which 100% of the proceeds will go to Planet Hope, an organization that provides outreach and educational resources to homeless, abused, and terminally ill children. Obviously, I said YES. Twenty very talented artists donated (donated!) work for this show, including the wonderful and talented Kirstin Lamb. I will be at the benefit tomorrow night – with Kirstin! – so keep an eye on my Instagram feed for highlights! ps. It’s hosted by Sharon Stone, as Planet Hope was started by Sharon and her sister Kelly in 1993. Amazing. All of it. Happy Friday!

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  1. Natalie Strong /// 06.09.2017 /// 9:40am

    Are the dots painted on? Or are they cut out and glued on? Either way, what a great concept!!!

  2. the jealous curator /// 06.09.2017 /// 10:01am

    they’re dots of paint, painted directly onto duralar 🙂

  3. Kirstin /// 06.09.2017 /// 11:13am

    So excited to see you in person!! ❤❤

  4. marianne clancy /// 06.09.2017 /// 12:31pm

    amazing! love these all!

  5. Natalie /// 06.09.2017 /// 4:20pm

    These are beautiful, I love paintings like this and moving steadily closer to see the texture in them like I’m Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    – Natalie

  6. the jealous curator /// 06.10.2017 /// 9:32am

    hahahaha! can totally picture that ; )

  7. Julie /// 06.10.2017 /// 10:24pm

    Wow! How big are these?

  8. awfaville /// 06.15.2017 /// 8:49am

    How did I not see this post before? Beautiful work, and lucky me, I got to see them in person and to meet the artist!

  9. Beverly Osborn /// 09.29.2017 /// 8:42am

    Just learned this craft and enjoy very much. How do you hang them plz..thanks

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