wanda bernardino

These are the mysterious oil paintings of Portugal born, London based artist Wanda Bernardino. I could write a story about every faceless pair up there. Why no faces you ask? Here you go…

Bernardino’s enigmatic portraits deliberately copy, rework and recreate individuals from historic paintings. In seeking an elusive connection with the past she uncovers the processes behind the original and transcribes marks across time. She blanks out the subject’s faces after having painted them to force the observer to re-examine the attribute of identity we ascribe to portraiture. One might see such an act as vandalism but it explores aesthetic, social, political and moral attitudes we hold toward both art and representations of history. {via bo-lee gallery, London}

Happy Monday.

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  1. Nancy Hughes Miller /// 06.12.2017 /// 6:37pm

    Just discovered you- look forward to receiving your posts!

  2. debbie /// 06.15.2017 /// 9:36pm

    These are wonderful. It is amazing how quickly you concentrate on the strange hand gestures, and creepy gloves from the last painting.

  3. Nikkie /// 06.17.2017 /// 8:06am

    oooh can you put a light behind the painting to see faces. would be fun.

  4. simone /// 06.17.2017 /// 5:21pm

    me gusta tu arte enigmático, quizás para reparar algún rostro,
    pero dejas la libertad de montar una foto anónima